Get ready for an enthralling sci-fi adventure set to take Tamil cinema to new heights, as the highly anticipated film “Ayalaan” prepares to grace the silver screen in January 2024. Directed by the acclaimed R. Ravikumar, this magnum opus promises to be a visual spectacle, packed with captivating storytelling, groundbreaking VFX, and a stellar cast.

Movie Overview

Movie TittleAyalaan 2024
DirectorR. Ravikumar
ProducersKotapadi J. Rajesh
WritersR. Ravikumar
Music DirectorA. R. Rahman
CinematographerNirav Shah
Release DateJanuary 2024
Runtime2 hours 30 minutes
GenreSci-Fi, Drama
Budget₹250 crore (US$31 million)

Movie Review (Expected)

While the film has yet to be released, expectations are sky-high, and critics anticipate an immersive and captivating cinematic experience. With its unique blend of sci-fi elements, heartwarming human drama, and the backing of a renowned director and composer, Ayalaan is poised to become a landmark film in Tamil cinema.

Plot (Expected)

Ayalaan revolves around an extraordinary encounter between a lost alien and a compassionate human. As their paths intertwine, the alien seeks help to return to its home planet, while the human discovers the true meaning of friendship and understanding. Amidst this extraordinary tale, the film explores themes of universal human emotions, the vastness of the cosmos, and the power of connection.


The film boasts an impressive ensemble cast, led by the charismatic Sivakarthikeyan, known for his charming screen presence and versatility. Joining him is the talented Rakul Preet Singh, who brings her elegance and grace to the role of the female lead. The supporting cast includes veteran actors Sharad Kelkar and Isha Koppikar, adding depth and experience to the narrative.

Ayalaan Budget

Ayalaan is reportedly made on a lavish budget of ₹250 crore (US$31 million), evident in its grand scale, VFX-driven sequences, and international production values. This investment signals the filmmakers’ commitment to creating a cinematic experience that will leave audiences awestruck.


Ayalaan is expected to set a new benchmark for Tamil sci-fi cinema, captivating audiences with its futuristic visuals, heartwarming story, and thought-provoking themes. The film is also anticipated to garner widespread attention due to its star-studded cast and the involvement of A. R. Rahman, a music maestro known for his ability to transcend borders and genres.


Ayalaan promises to be a cinematic spectacle that will not only entertain but also inspire. With its blend of sci-fi elements, human drama, and a captivating narrative, the film is poised to leave an indelible mark on Tamil cinema and beyond. As the release date approaches, anticipation reaches a fever pitch, and audiences eagerly await the opportunity to embark on this extraordinary journey through the cosmos.

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