Jailer: A Retired Jailer’s Explosive Comeback

Jailer Moviesda: Jailer, released in August 2023, is a Tamil action-comedy film that took the box office by storm. Starring the legendary Rajinikanth, the film delivered a powerful blend of action, humor, and emotional depth, leaving audiences entertained and wanting more.

Jailer Movie Overview:

  • #Genre: Action, Comedy
  • #Director: Nelson Dilipkumar
  • #Producer: Sun Pictures
  • #Cast: Rajinikanth, Mohanlal, Shiva Rajkumar, Jackie Shroff, Tamannaah Bhatia, Ramya Krishnan, Yogi Babu, Vinayakan
  • #Music: Anirudh Ravichander
  • #Release Date: August 9, 2023
  • #Running Time: 2 hours 48 minutes
  • #Language: Tamil

Movie Details:

#StorylineA retired jailer must confront his past and fight against a notorious idol smuggler.
#ThemesJustice, redemption, family, good vs. evil
#Target AudienceFans of action movies, Rajinikanth, and Tamil cinema
#Box Office₹200 crore (approx. $25 million)
#IMDb Rating8.2/10

Storyline and Premise:

Jailer revolves around Muthuvel Pandian (played by Rajinikanth), a stern yet compassionate jailer who has retired and now leads a peaceful life with his family. However, his past comes knocking when a notorious idol smuggler, James (played by Vinayakan), attempts a daring prison break. Muthuvel is called upon to use his expertise and track down James before he escapes with priceless historical artifacts. This sets the stage for an action-packed adventure filled with twists, turns, and plenty of Rajinikanth’s signature charisma.

Cast and Crew:

Jailer boasts an impressive cast of renowned actors, including:

  • Rajinikanth: The legendary superstar delivers a powerful performance as the retired jailer, showcasing his action prowess and emotional depth.
  • Mohanlal, Shiva Rajkumar, Jackie Shroff, and Tamannaah Bhatia: These talented actors appear in special guest roles, adding star power and exciting cameos.
  • Ramya Krishnan and Yogi Babu: These actors provide excellent support, with Ramya Krishnan playing Muthuvel’s wife and Yogi Babu adding comedic relief.
  • Nelson Dilipkumar: The director crafts a thrilling and entertaining film, balancing action with humor and emotional beats.
  • Anirudh Ravichander: The music director creates a pulsating soundtrack that perfectly complements the film’s action and emotional sequences.

Budget and Release Date:

Jailer was made on a budget of approximately ₹200 crore (approx. $25 million) and released on August 9, 2023, to a grand reception from audiences and critics alike.

Expectations and Movie Review:

Jailer was highly anticipated due to Rajinikanth’s involvement and the promising premise. The film met and exceeded expectations, earning positive reviews for its action sequences, humor, and Rajinikanth’s performance. Critics praised the film’s entertainment value and its ability to keep audiences engaged throughout.

IMDb and What Critics Say:

Jailer currently holds an impressive rating of 8.2 out of 10 on IMDb, showcasing its positive reception from viewers. Critics praised the film’s action sequences, Rajinikanth’s performance, and its blend of humor and emotion.

Why You Should Watch Jailer:

  • Rajinikanth’s electrifying performance: Witness the superstar in action as he delivers a powerful and nuanced portrayal of the retired jailer.
  • Thrilling action sequences: Get your adrenaline pumping with expertly choreographed action scenes that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
  • Balanced with humor and emotion: The film seamlessly blends action with hilarious moments and emotional depth, making it a well-rounded cinematic experience.
  • A star-studded cast: Enjoy performances from a talented ensemble cast, including Mohanlal, Shiva Rajkumar, Jackie Shroff, and Tamannaah Bhatia.

Facts about Jailer:

  • The film’s title was initially “Thalaivar 169” before being revealed as “Jailer.”
  • The shooting schedule was disrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic but eventually resumed and completed successfully.
  • The film was a massive commercial success, grossing over ₹200 crore worldwide.


Jailer is a well-made action-comedy film that delivers on its promise of entertainment. With Rajinikanth’s electrifying performance, thrilling action sequences, and witty humor, the film is sure to please fans of the genre. So, if you’re looking for a fun movie experience, Jailer is worth a watch.

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